Full Servo Box Motion Flow Packaging Machine SS-450XWS

Outstanding Features

  • All control in one control panel, user-friendly and easy operation
  • Box-motion cutter for high products packing and ensure the compact package
  • Empty bag prevention, no product no bag
  • Update version of anti-cut on product function,perfectly avoid damage on the products and the cutter
  • Memory function, can store 99 groups of package parameters (product position, packing speed, bag length)
  • Independent control for movement of center sealing part and end sealing part, to meet different product height
  • Have alternative choose for flexible length system and fix length with guide pusher
  • Pure PE film can be use on the machine

Product Details

  • 3 servo motors (Conveyor, center sealing and end sealing)
  • Motion controller for quick response to various commands
  • Accurate positioning
  • Temperature setting accurately by independent controller
  • Food grade contact parts SS304
  • Touch screen 7”


Model SS-450XWS SS-680XWS
Film width ≤450mm ≤680mm
Film thickness 30-75um
Dimension of film bobbin Outer diameter≤300mm  Inner diameter≥75mm
Single knife bag size L(100-6000)×W(80-215)×H(10-90)mm L(80-6000)×W(50-320)×H(3-140)mm
Single knife packing speed 10-80 bags per min 10-40 bags per min
Power 220V, 50hz,5.5kW 220V, 50hz,5.7kW
Outer dimension L4100×W1050×H1580mm L5000×W1200×H1650mm
Machine weight 960kg 920kg
Motor configuration Full servo (3 independent motors)
Film bobbin position Down
Blade cut type Rotary / Reciprocating

Bakery products:
– Mini croissants

– Biscuits
– Brownies
– Cookies
– Crackers
– Croissants
– Muffins
– Cake
– Cup cake
– Bread
– Bun
– Toaster pastries
– Pancakes
– Sandwiches
– Wafer
– WaffleBar products
-Candy bars
-Chocolate bars
-Crisped rice bars
-Energy bars
-Nutrition bars
-Instant noodle
-Rice noodle
Daily necessities
-Napkin tissue
-Toilet paper
-Washing sponge
Product with tray




Optional auxiliary equipment/function
l Date printer – Ink roll printer, thermal transfer printer, ink jet printer
l Labeling machine
l Nitrogen generator
l Metal detector
l Weight detector
l Multi-head weigher
l Multi-language interface
l Visual Identity System
l Gusset device
l Anti-empty bag function
Any other customized function


Pack Styles

Our series of packaging machinery can produce high-quality and innovative pack styles you need. Or contact our experts to talk about your new ideas.

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