Vertical Multi-Head Packing Machine SS-520

Outstanding Features

Controlled by PLC,touch screen HMI let operation direct and simple

The main machine and multi-head weigher is made of stainless steel 304, in line with health requirement

The key components are adopted famous international brands, stable and durable

The machine structure is simple and firm, helpful for reducing vibration and noise when machine working

The whole packaging processes if full automatic, more efficient and save labor cost

2 heads , 4 heads ,10 heads, 14 heads, 16 heads and 20 heads weigher are available and suitable to different packing needs.

Product Details

Application:food packaging, hardware packaging, such as puffed food, shrimp, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salt, washing powder and other granular strips, short strips, powder strips of packaging materials (Optional different metering devices can be used to package different types of products.)

Optional auxiliary equipment/function
l Date printer – Ink roll printer, thermal transfer printer, ink jet printer
l Labeling machine
l Nitrogen generator
l Metal detector
l Weight detector
l Multi-head weigher
l Multi-language interface
l Visual Identity System
l Gusset device
l Anti-empty bag function
Any other customized function


Machine Model SS-420 SS-520
Packing complex Packing Machine +10 heads weigher  +Z type Elevator+Working Platform
Film width ≤420mm ≤520mm
Film thickness 40-80um
Bag size L(80-300)×W(50-200)mm L(80-350)×W(80-250)mm
Packing speed 5-60 bags per min 10-55 bags per min
Measuring Weight 150-1200ml 200-2000ml
Power 220V, 50hz, 2.8kW 220V, 50hz, 3.5kW
Machine Size L1320×W950×H1360mm L1420×W1200×H1700mm
Bag Material many kinds of composite film
or pure PE film
Air Compression 0.3m³/min 0.65Mpa
Machine weight 540kg 800kg

Pack Styles

Our series of packaging machinery can produce high-quality and innovative pack styles you need. Or contact our experts to talk about your new ideas.

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